One ‘last’ try, one more shot

They always say never give up on anything; depeninding on what it is, i guess they are right. In islam we are encouraged to always have hope and be positive and this is enough of a reason to continue. If you give up on one thing you are opening the door for shaytan. Soon you will heading downwards into a dark hole you can’t get out of. Put it this way: you always have one more shot at whatever it is you are trying to achieve. 

Things have been difficult and still are but i realised nobody else can achieve my goals for me, i can either sit and think about how difficult the task is or i can at least attempt one more time to try and get it done. Too much negativity really can disable you sometimes so with this mindset i’ve managed to get back on track with a few things. 


You will get dragged back 

Allah is so merciful, we say and hear that all the time but this mercy comes in ways we don’t expect sometimes. 

If you look at the people or places which are going through the worst calamities, the first thing most people think is how unfortunate and how horrible it is. However, did we look at the situation of these places/people before the trials came? Sometimes you will find the person was a sinner, headless and heading straight for a bad place if they continued until Allah saved them through a calamity. 

When their world fell apart they were forced to turn back to Allah and this is a mercy from Allah. Everytime we go through a test we should be changing on the inside for the better, we should come out of it with stronger imaan and attachment to Allah…otherwise something is wrong. 

So in a way, through these tests you are always dragged back to reality, to islam, to Allah and to the fact that you’re not made for this dunya but for the akhirah. 

Lesson learnt


This is just a quick post on something i wanted to share.

Life is full of hardship as much as we hate it and many people feel too weak to get through it, or they hate life because of it. They get depressed, take bad turns, do bad things and some even committ suicide.

Along with a lack if imaan there are other causes for this, these types see things in the wrong way. They are attached to something unimportant and they forget something very important.

What are these two things? They have become attached to things in the dunya whether it’s health, family, job whatever. They relied on these things to bring them happiness and their hearts drifted away from Allah. The very thought of losing any of these things brings them instant fear. When something does go wrong the first thing they say is “why me”.

The second, what did they forget? Their hearts forgot that there is a akhirah and that there is a place called jannah. When someone understands the reality and they start to believe it with such certainty like they believe the sky is blue, then these hardships don’t break them at all. Rather, they expect them to come and they are not bothered about what they lose or what they suffer as long as they have sabr and imaan. Why? Because they don’t see this life as real, all they see in front of them is jannah. you are here only for a few moments and then you leave.

Anything you suffer, lose or sacrifice is cheap in comparison to jannah. The problem we see today is that many people either don’t have real certainty in their beliefs or they don’t think good of Allah. Meaning they think their sins are too much or that they will probably not make it to jannah. These kind of thoughts will chain you from ever getting anywhere and you will only make things harder for yourself.

So what is the solution, what can help? You have to LET GO. Learn to let go of this life, separate your heart from the dunya an all that is in it and attach it only to Allah. Honestly, just let go of all the worries about what might happen and your hardships. Leave it all to Allah and wallahi this is not an easy thing to achieve. it takes time and you suffer a lot along the way but that is the purpose of trials, to purify us and bring out the best inside.

I learnt this lesson after much suffering and many long, dark nights of sorrow and tears. I realize now happiness is found in relying upon Allah completely and totally (something which people like to claim they have but only few have been blessed with)
Alhamdulillah now i can work on it from here.

There are a few things i advice
1- tahhajjud/qiyaam/night prayers
2- sincere repentance
3- stay close to the quran and seek knowledge
4- build your imaan until you reach a state of complete unwavering certainty

And if are to take anything from this advice, take the night prayers and quran. They are both linked and they are the secret and the key to contentment, strength, imaan and everything else.

May Allah forgive me for any mistakes and may He make all of you reading this from those who rely only on Him (swt), may He make you from those whose hearts are firm and pure, who make their living for His sake (swt) and their dying for His sake, upon laa ilaha illallah.

Beyond the Obligations

Inheritors of the Quran- ورثة القران

Beyond the obligations is what we should be doing. Yes we can do the obligations and get by but how many of us go the extra mile for other things in our lives? Extra revision, extra time at work, extra effort in preparation but when it comes to islaam shouldn’t we also be giving that little bit extra? Of course this is to myself first as is everything i share.

This came from my teacher when her daughter said, “but mum you are doing the obligations” to which she replied;

This is knowledge that is inherited from the Messenger of Allah

صلى الله عليه وسلم

Think of the Quraan, it is something from Allah to RasoolAllah and it is something inherited as Allah says;


may Allah not make us of those who wrong themselves ameen.

So we should go beyond the obligations for the deen and to keep it going…

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